Re-invigoration !!!

Hola! Como estas!

Hello everyone!! It has been a long break! Is anyone even still here *tries to clear imaginary spider webs*. I have really missed coming here to write down my thoughts. As you can tell by my long absence, I have been really really busy. I wasn’t even sure this blog still existed because I just stopped paying any attention to it lol, but today, a friend of mine posted on Instagram about her new blog post and I was like, wow, I do have a blog, lemme check it out really quick! Going through my friend’s blog posts and my past posts made me remember why I started this blog and so, yeah, I am back!

As I was about to start writing this blog, the first thing that came to my mind was “RE-INVIGORATION”.  I checked google for the definition, and it basically means to give new energy or strength to something. So, for the next few months, I would be brainstorming on ideas to re-invigorate my blog because this thing is almost dead! Has anyone else gone through this process before? If yes, what was it like? And what would you recommend I do? Please leave your comments below if you have any advice! One of the first re-invigoration idea I currently have is to do an academic series, I would explain more about that below.

Quick update on my life, I graduated from my community college last summer (yaay!) and I am now in a 4-year college! The transition has been good, but every college student can admit the workload is strenuous. College is really strenuous on its own, but being a transfer student makes it harder. It’s harder to meet people, harder to study in groups etc. I also decided to be a commuter since my house is not so far away from my school. The combination of these three situations can make your college life boring and more difficult than normal.

The good news is that over these past semesters, I have been able to figure out how to balance my academic, social, and mental life. As a college student getting involved on campus, doing well in classes, forming good rapport with your teachers etc. is very important! So…over the next couple of weeks/months, I would be starting my first blog series, and I would be sharing what I have learned from my personal experience, and generally talking to people, on what people can do to make their college experience better. This would be called, ‘Academic series’, I am so excited to share what I have learned guys!

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