Valentine’s day has come upon us

Hi y’all! It’s been a while you heard from me. I know you missed me

I resumed classes about a few weeks ago and mehn, it’s been hectic! If you read my post here ( you would see that I blogged about resuming school and the classes I would be taking in the spring semester. I obviously shouldn’t be taking some classes together, some of those classes are so hard! In this post,( I talked about some of my new year resolutions. Please.. don’t ask me how my new year resolutions are going🙈🙈.. I have not been able to keep up with them.. buh I am trying! * sad face emoji*

Tomorrow (or today, depending on what part of the world that you’re in) is valentine’s day! And I really don’t have any plan for val’s day.. I would prolly be stuck in my room, under my blanket. And then, try to solve math.. (I have a trigonometry exam on Tuesday!) I’m obviously bae-less.. so, I guess I don’t have to worry about the mushy stuffs…lol.

Also, you would notice that I changed by blog’s theme. I decided to change the old theme because I wanted to try a new look. What do y’all think of this new theme? And my blogging101 friends, how are your blogs coming along?

What  are your plans for the coming valentine’s day.. I hope you’re not stuck up in a hole like me!

Even as you go about celebrating valentine’s day, remember the one who loved us even when we didn’t love him. Remember the father of love, the father of light. Be safe out there and don’t make decisions that would haunt you for life based on a moment of pleasure.  Have a love-filled Valentine. From me to you😘


Y’all getting into this #newyearresolutions thingy?

It’s the 30th day of December 2015. Woooww! This year by far has been one of the most shitty but fulfilling years for me. I made some major changes. I got admitted into a major university but I had to leave later on.  So, straight to my new year resolutions or whatever we would choose to call it.

My number one goal is to actually have a better relationship with God. I mean I want to be able to sit in his presence and learn and be conformed to his word.

I have a lot of goals for my academics.. I am in my sophomore year now and as a premed I have to start working on my extracurriculars. I am planning to devote more time to the “sopsyched club.” This club is mainly for volunteering and extracurriculars stuffs and it’s really good. I’m also thinking of working together with other premeds. Like just ask them questions on how they are preparing for med school. If they have any place they would recommend for shadowing. I am also thinking of getting involved with the Phi Theta Kappa, preferably becoming a committee. I am also thinking of asking my professors about research opportunities if I can help them. Biology club is another organization that I want to get more involved with.

Also, I want to start volunteering in the hospital and start a work study program. Preferably I would work as a lab assistant. This way I can gain money and experience. I think this would be a really good investment both for me and my medical school resume.

Another new year resolution is to actually exercise more and eat healthier. I think this resolution is a very common one (if not the most common new year resolution) and I hope to see it through. I have been visiting the gym for about 3 months now and I hope to actually keep it up. I also want to incorporate more veggies fruits, whole wheats etc.. into what I eat.

Last, I am really hoping I would improve my social communications skill. It’S a major key as dj Khaled would say…lol.

In conclusion, I hope God helps me in getting every thing done.

Say a word of prayer for me.. please.

Y’all should write out what you want to accomplish. And make sure you are working towards accomplishing them.

Love y’all.