Re-invigoration !!!

Hola! Como estas!

Hello everyone!! It has been a long break! Is anyone even still here *tries to clear imaginary spider webs*. I have really missed coming here to write down my thoughts. As you can tell by my long absence, I have been really really busy. I wasn’t even sure this blog still existed because I just stopped paying any attention to it lol, but today, a friend of mine posted on Instagram about her new blog post and I was like, wow, I do have a blog, lemme check it out really quick! Going through my friend’s blog posts and my past posts made me remember why I started this blog and so, yeah, I am back!

As I was about to start writing this blog, the first thing that came to my mind was “RE-INVIGORATION”.  I checked google for the definition, and it basically means to give new energy or strength to something. So, for the next few months, I would be brainstorming on ideas to re-invigorate my blog because this thing is almost dead! Has anyone else gone through this process before? If yes, what was it like? And what would you recommend I do? Please leave your comments below if you have any advice! One of the first re-invigoration idea I currently have is to do an academic series, I would explain more about that below.

Quick update on my life, I graduated from my community college last summer (yaay!) and I am now in a 4-year college! The transition has been good, but every college student can admit the workload is strenuous. College is really strenuous on its own, but being a transfer student makes it harder. It’s harder to meet people, harder to study in groups etc. I also decided to be a commuter since my house is not so far away from my school. The combination of these three situations can make your college life boring and more difficult than normal.

The good news is that over these past semesters, I have been able to figure out how to balance my academic, social, and mental life. As a college student getting involved on campus, doing well in classes, forming good rapport with your teachers etc. is very important! So…over the next couple of weeks/months, I would be starting my first blog series, and I would be sharing what I have learned from my personal experience, and generally talking to people, on what people can do to make their college experience better. This would be called, ‘Academic series’, I am so excited to share what I have learned guys!

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My confidence story.

I like to see my blog as somewhere that I can pour out thoughts, experiences etc.. I see it as a place where I can come back in some years time and see that I have grown in different areas not just in age.  I want to have learned more lessons and apply what I preach to my personal life.
I think my future self would want me to learn about confidence. As a young child, I have always lacked the confidence that many of my mates had.  There are many things that could have led to this but I don’t know any. As a result of this lack of confidence, I have been tagged as “the quiet girl”, ” the girl that doesn’t talk” and etc. As I grew older, I noticed that I actually lacked confidence a bit. I think one major cause would be accent barrier. Apart from that, I was just nervous and “scared” to say what I think. The scared is in quotes because it wasn’t like I was scared to talk.. It was just kinda weird. And unexplainable…lol.
A lesson that i have learned as a teenager is that you need to respect and love yourself. I have learned that if you don’t respect yourself, others would treat you as trash. If you don’t learn to speak your mind without considering what others think and all, you would probably end up being bullied for the most part of your teenage life. To be clear, I wasn’t bullied as a young child, but I knew people who were. And I noticed many of them lacked confidence. We should note that lack of confidence generally doesn’t mean low self esteem. One could have an healthy self esteem and still struggle with confidence.
Confidence is a vague word and different people have different issues but my own issue was both public speaking and interpersonal communication. I took a public speaking class and I can tell you, I don’t have much issues with public speaking now. I am considering doing an interpersonal skills class tho. Interpersonal skills would focus on our day to day lives and the issues we face. It would teach about interacting with different kinds of people.
In conclusion, I decided to do a blog post on confidence because I think the earlier we discover that our joy shouldn’t be placed on what others think of us is the earlier we would enjoy ourselves. Tbh with y’all, I am still not 100% confident at every point in time, but it is a process that I am going through and I am better than I was yesterday.
If you have ever had confidence issues, you could please share your process. Thanks.

Who am I?

Hello everyone. I’m taking a blogging101 class and my first assignment is to introduce myself. I’m Ray and I consider blogging a way of “detoxifying”. I think it’s a great way to communicate with others.

I decided to htextgram_1451885616ave a blog not a personal journal because I believe everyone can learn from it. And tbh with y’all, it’s easier to be focused that way. I am more likely to be committed when I know that people are actually reading and learning.

I would be talking about different things on my blog. I would talk about my premed journey as an international student. I would talk about some of my daily thoughts, experiences. I’m also going to discuss some of the personal things that no one wants to talk about but ought to be said. I would talk about Christ. I’m also considering some fashion posts too. A major thing I would be talking about is confidence. It’s a very important attribute…

If I blog successfully throughout this year 2016, I would hope to have rehashed some of my fears and actually put what I’m saying into action. I would also hope to encourage anyone out there that has gone through some of the things I’m currently going through or anyone going through situations similar to what I went through.