My premed journey

I can remember when I was still a very young child. My dad sent a child’s  medical doctor’s kit to my younger brother from the USA. And i and my brother played with the toy till we misplaced everything😑😑. I would say that moment was the earliest time that I have known that I wanted to go into medicine. I know it sounds so cliche and all buh it’s really true.

As I got older, I learned more about this field and it was just one of those things that you know you wanted to do. There was this time I considered going into aeronautical engineering but I dropped that idea due to some reasons. One major reason I dropped it was I hate.. yeah HATE physics. Another thing is I don’t like Technical drawing (or drafting.. as y’all call it) and all those kinds of stuffs.. so, you see I don’t have a future in the engineering field. Maybe I do.. buh I don’t think so. Lol.

After I finished my secondary school education, I had to take the JAMB and I failed. I later got admitted into a university  and I decided to follow it through but it wouldn’t last. I had to travel to the USA. When I got to the US, I decided to follow my number one dream which is medicine! And here we are..

Watch out for the part 2 of my medical school series.. in the next part, I would talk about some of the struggles, advantages, and joys of studying medicine in the USA. Until then, see y’all later.



Death, are you for real?

Yesterday was a really crazy day. It was around 12pm, I was about to sleep when I received a message from a whatsapp group chat that I belong to. The message read ‘with a heavy heart, I announce the death of mummy…’ The moment I saw the message I jumped out of bed. At first, I was scared it was my mum until I realized it was someone else’s mum. This woman really isn’t one of my fav people from my church but I appreciate her efforts towards the church. She was one of the women that pushed me to work on my voice because she kept calling on me when they needed someone to lead praise and worship.(fun huh?!)

Wow! Is death for real? She didn’t even die due to heart disease, cancer or any such thing.. a motor accident. I wonder if she had any regrets as she was coming to the end of her life. I wonder if she was wearing her seat belt. I wonder if the person that was driving was going above the normal driving speed. I wonder if she would have reconsidered some of the decisions she has made for her life.

Her children are like my sister’s and I cannot even begin to imagine what those kids would be going to. It’s indeed very painful to lose someone. This death comes as a great shock to me.. I wasn’t even expecting it. Another thing that makes this death unique is that this is the first time someone that close to me died.

You know.. I’ve always heard about people dying close to Christmas but I thought it was just too far away from me.. that it couldn’t happen to someone I know. Or it couldn’t happen to someone that attends my church but alas!

This death made me shiver deep down. We can all die at any moment. Without even experiencing some of the things we have all worked for throughout our lifetime. Make sure you enjoy the journey. Don’t be stuck up on the result that you miss the fun in between. Also, never waste your time sitting idle or waiting for everything to become perfect. Nothing would move unless you get up and start moving. In essence you should be particular about where you are going and what you want for your life.

The most important  decision that you can ever make is to follow Christ. If you die without knowing the sweet savior, that would be terror during and after life. Just accept him as your Lord and Savior and let him lead you into his light. He is an awesome God!

I just wanted to drop by and see what y’all are up to. Remember that you’re always loved and treasured despite your weaknesses, attitude and everything! God loves you like crazy!

Love and light😚😚

Y’all feeling the Christmas vibes?

Wow! Wow! Wow! Today is 18th of December 2015. The year sure runs very fast.. we can even say it runs faster than Usain Bolt. I remember my first time in the United States and it was super cool because we went to San Antonio (we even went to Alamo and this other cool places) and it was really one of the best moments of my life. Oh… that was in 2014 by the way. Christmas is on the 25th of December and I can truthfully tell you that I am not feeling this Christmas. Christmas day would probably just be another day of staying indoors and doing nothing😢😢. Pathetic right?!

This Christmas is going to be really weird and annoying for me and for numerous reasons. For reasons I can say and those that I can’t.  The number one reason is this would be my first Christmas without my mum.. she’s not dead😆😆, she’s not just with me. Second, this would be my worst Christmas because I don’t like the person I’m currently living with😨😨. I wrote a list of things that I plan on doing during my Christmas holidays but I know I would probably not get them done because…. well, I’m a professional procrastinator😎😎😎. Don’t judge me.. pls😑😉

Few weeks ago, I was just thinking about stuffs and I had a really great idea. Hence forth, at the end of every year, I would have a compilation of pictures of every significant thing that happened in the year. I guess that would help in remembering some of the important things that have happened in my life. I know I would probably not be able to get all the pictures but I plan on following this through.

To be sincere with y’all, this year is one of the most sh*tty one that i have ever had. Forgive my language.. but to be sincere with you, that’s how I feel about this year. I pray my 2016 wouldn’t be as bad as this year. For my 2016, I would really like to work on my 2016 goals.. and I pray I’m able to follow through. Expect a 2016 goal post soon. That’s if i don’t procrastinate😌😌.

Despite the fact that I am not really loving this Christmas, let’s not forget the reason for this season. This season is not just about going to the beach, fancy eateries and all (at least, that was what I used to do.)  The reason for this season is Jesus, he has sacrificed so much for us  and we ought to go into the world and show forth his love. Last year’s Christmas was very phenomenal for me. I and my then best friend went to a motherless home and donated clothes, foodstuffs, some shoes, school materials. It’s so sad I didn’t get pictures😳😢. Buh really tho, I didn’t know I was a picture freak until I got a phone that have a good camera quality. Haha!

In conclusion, I want to encourage y’all to never lose hope. Always remember that you are loved. I hope y’all aren’t having a sh*tty year like mine.. oops! I said it again. Love y’all.


Love and light😚😚




Fall 2015.

Thursday,Dec 10th is the last day of school for the fall semester. In the beginning of the semester, I actually set some goals for myself. I wanted to join student clubs, start talking to people, like just improving on my social skills. Today, friday,  I am seating here and feeling like a failure. Yes, I joined the clubs but I dont feel like i worked on my social skills. I would probably not do any meaningful thing during my holiday

This is my first full semester, I have taken both 8wk spring classes and summer classes but this is the first 16 wk semester that I took in the US. My favorite class was Biology. I did very well in this class.. my final score was about 95. I even did an honors project with the professor. My honors presentation was good and many peoole congratulated me. A lady even gave me a gift. She gave me 2 victoria’s secret pink perfumes and 2 pairs of victorias secret socks and i loved them😍😍. Even my professor said she was going to get a gift for me too. I would like to buy a gift for her buh I am broke😭😭 . My biology class and professor were one of my major encouragements throughout the semester. I really appreciate everyone that looked past my awkwardness and still interacted with me.

In this semester, I aND my brother got invited to be featured on our school website. I also met new premeds, although, I was too awkward to actually interact as I would have liked to.

I need to build good social skills but there would be no way to build it if I am just inside the apartment the whole day.. playing with my phone. I think I would be working next semester, like a work-study program. I think this would help in breaking out of my shell and talking but I still need to work on my social skills.

In conclusion, let’s always trust in God, through the thick and thins. A song that I learned while in secondary school says…    “God you know my needs, God you know my desire… “Let’s trust God through it all. We shouldn’t rely on what we know or what we think is right.. let’s be obedient. It could be really hard but let’s look up to the author and finisher of our faith. He loves us, even when we don’t love him or even love ourselves. Don’t let devilish thougts come into your head because it would only make you feel worse. Life can only get better. It wouldn’t always be like this. Just like with our heartbeat, we have the lows and the highs. Let’s go through all this stages with understanding and let’s learn what we ought to learn. Suicide wouldn’t amount to anything, you would only lose your dreams and purpose. Remember that the power in you is greater than any power that could ever be against you. Also, the only person that could stop you from achieving your goals is you. So, be wise! Joy to the wise! Don’t let this temporary things ruin your beautiful future. If you would just obey, I promise you, it would get better. God is not one to lie, if he did it before, he can still do it again.

We are the light of the world, a city set upln the hill cannot be hidden. Let your light shine.

Live. Love. Learn.😚😚

God loves you like crazy!

My first post…!!


This has always been in my thought.. it has always been on my mind.. wanting to share my thoughts as I go through the journey of my life. Sharing what I learned from every experience, every mistake and what I am going to do with that knowledge. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m the blessed lady.. lol.. but, really I am blessed. Despite everything that I have been through, I am still blessed.

I am Ray, a citizen of Nigeria and also citizen of the United States. I am also a pre-med student..yaaayyy!.. lol.. this means that I am trying to get my bachelors degree after which I would be going to MEDICAL SCHOOL. The major reason I stated this blog is to share my experiences (like I said earlier), share my thoughts, and interact with my readers.

Please, introduce yourself. Lets be friends.

Live. Love. Learn.✌🙌