Back to school..

Whew! The holidays are over already:'(:'(. Some have gone back to school while others resume later on. I resume next Tuesday and I am kinda excited about going back to school. I haven’t been going out much, so, you can’t blame a girl that needs to get out of tha house! lol.

I am not taking many classes this semester, in fact I am taking just four classes. I would be taking biology, chemistry, mathematics and Introduction to Philosophy. I am kind of excited about taking a class in Philosophy because I have heard it’s an interesting class and its also interactive. Also, they said it would involve field work. I don’t know what they mean by field work tho.. does anyone knows what that means?

I would also be taking biology.. I have a love-hate relationship with biology. I like some parts and I don’t like other I hope to ace the parts I’m strong in. I would be taking an online chemistry class. Have anyone ever taken online chemistry class and what was it like? I would love to hear y’all experiences, so that I can work on them.

Since I am not taking many classes, I hope to actually do more extracurriculars, write more blog posts and get involved on campus. What are your goals for this semester?



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