My premed journey

I can remember when I was still a very young child. My dad sent a child’s  medical doctor’s kit to my younger brother from the USA. And i and my brother played with the toy till we misplaced everything😑😑. I would say that moment was the earliest time that I have known that I wanted to go into medicine. I know it sounds so cliche and all buh it’s really true.

As I got older, I learned more about this field and it was just one of those things that you know you wanted to do. There was this time I considered going into aeronautical engineering but I dropped that idea due to some reasons. One major reason I dropped it was I hate.. yeah HATE physics. Another thing is I don’t like Technical drawing (or drafting.. as y’all call it) and all those kinds of stuffs.. so, you see I don’t have a future in the engineering field. Maybe I do.. buh I don’t think so. Lol.

After I finished my secondary school education, I had to take the JAMB and I failed. I later got admitted into a university  and I decided to follow it through but it wouldn’t last. I had to travel to the USA. When I got to the US, I decided to follow my number one dream which is medicine! And here we are..

Watch out for the part 2 of my medical school series.. in the next part, I would talk about some of the struggles, advantages, and joys of studying medicine in the USA. Until then, see y’all later.



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