Y’all feeling the Christmas vibes?

Wow! Wow! Wow! Today is 18th of December 2015. The year sure runs very fast.. we can even say it runs faster than Usain Bolt. I remember my first time in the United States and it was super cool because we went to San Antonio (we even went to Alamo and this other cool places) and it was really one of the best moments of my life. Oh… that was in 2014 by the way. Christmas is on the 25th of December and I can truthfully tell you that I am not feeling this Christmas. Christmas day would probably just be another day of staying indoors and doing nothing😢😢. Pathetic right?!

This Christmas is going to be really weird and annoying for me and for numerous reasons. For reasons I can say and those that I can’t.  The number one reason is this would be my first Christmas without my mum.. she’s not dead😆😆, she’s not just with me. Second, this would be my worst Christmas because I don’t like the person I’m currently living with😨😨. I wrote a list of things that I plan on doing during my Christmas holidays but I know I would probably not get them done because…. well, I’m a professional procrastinator😎😎😎. Don’t judge me.. pls😑😉

Few weeks ago, I was just thinking about stuffs and I had a really great idea. Hence forth, at the end of every year, I would have a compilation of pictures of every significant thing that happened in the year. I guess that would help in remembering some of the important things that have happened in my life. I know I would probably not be able to get all the pictures but I plan on following this through.

To be sincere with y’all, this year is one of the most sh*tty one that i have ever had. Forgive my language.. but to be sincere with you, that’s how I feel about this year. I pray my 2016 wouldn’t be as bad as this year. For my 2016, I would really like to work on my 2016 goals.. and I pray I’m able to follow through. Expect a 2016 goal post soon. That’s if i don’t procrastinate😌😌.

Despite the fact that I am not really loving this Christmas, let’s not forget the reason for this season. This season is not just about going to the beach, fancy eateries and all (at least, that was what I used to do.)  The reason for this season is Jesus, he has sacrificed so much for us  and we ought to go into the world and show forth his love. Last year’s Christmas was very phenomenal for me. I and my then best friend went to a motherless home and donated clothes, foodstuffs, some shoes, school materials. It’s so sad I didn’t get pictures😳😢. Buh really tho, I didn’t know I was a picture freak until I got a phone that have a good camera quality. Haha!

In conclusion, I want to encourage y’all to never lose hope. Always remember that you are loved. I hope y’all aren’t having a sh*tty year like mine.. oops! I said it again. Love y’all.


Love and light😚😚





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